Writer's Block: Do you see psychics in your future?
Well it's a good thing that I don't get invited/go to parties. XD
As for the clasing signs.... I'd date almost anyone right now. Ima desperate!

Mah kitteh
My oldest cat is being unusually cute and annoying(but still cute). He keeps coming into my room and meowing and cuddling. This is strange for it to happen for more than 10 minutes and he's been like this for 2 days!! He has an asthmatic meow and he's usually quiet. I'm wondering if he did something wrong and is watching me to see if I noticed it.

Writer's Block: If stains could talk
If an annoying acquaintance got spinach between his or her teeth or an embarrassing salsa stain, would you tell them or let them suffer in shame?
I would drop discrete hints and make seemingly senseless puns. It's just 'cause I can be evil. MUFUFUFUFUFUFUFUFU!!!!!!123


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